get’s pimped out

Yesterday i spent a bit of time working on It was actually the first site i ever built back in July 2006…

theleavingcert screenshot

Initially i just used dreamweaver and static html… i then switched to joomla and made it in to more of a community site and these days it’s running on wordpress as a blog. It’s no coincidence that once it was moved to wordpress, traffic started picking up from search engines.

Anyway, i said a couple of days ago it needed to be less generic and more niche. So i added a new theme and made a few changes. The theme is called ‘Bold’ and it’s produced by I’m a member there and at $19.95 per year, it’s worth signing up.

A few months ago, i agreed to dilute my share in the site in return for an additional writer / content, so this year should start to dominate the whole ‘leaving cert’ niche. I’m not entirely happy with the current theme and set up, but i’ll continue to tweak it and add new features until i’m happy.

Big, chunky, bold, ‘idiot proof’ designs are very much in these days and that’s what i wanted for so i revamped the logo too, purely to compliment the theme. On a sidenote, it also struck me how easy it is these days to completely transform a website in a few minutes…. logo

One click installation of themes, plugins, controls panels etc… really makes the process smooth and quick. I’m no stranger to building websites, particularly wordpress based sites so not only has the software and interface improved drastically over the last few years, so too have my own skills and the speed at which i can do things.

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