the ultimate task management application

In a bid to restructure the way i do things, i sat down this morning and specifically went looking for task management software with a list of things it had to have;

  • it had to be in the cloud
  • it had to be simple to use

I’m constantly switching between college and home, and several different computers. When i’m on a college computer, i’ll usually put any work i do on to a usb stick or else i’ll email it to myself using gmail.

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I really hate using usb sticks these days – i think it’s because dropbox is spoiling me. Seriously. Dropbox is basically a usb without the plugging in and copying /pasting bit (which is of course the entire purpose of a usb!). Although i don’t want to de-rail this blog post by drooling over Dropbox, it gets two thumbs up from me and is definitely one of those ‘must have’ applications.

On another side note, college computers and usb sticks do not go well. It seems every second college PC is infected with the autorun.inf virus (first reported here about 9 months ago), but at this stage i’ve given up on college equipment working smoothly – i only use their PC’s if i have to.

Anyway, dragging myself away from Dropbox’s feet and defusing the college rant which is about to kick off, i came across many to do lists and task managers this morning. Some rubbish, some ok. Very rarely will i come across something and instantly love it but that’s what happened when i stumbled upon

It’s an adobe air application, so it lives in the cloud just like dropbox (well, it’s the same sort of idea as sharing & updating information across multiple PC’s in one go). Download, install, set up an account and login. This is what you’ll end up with;

Adding a task is as simple as clicking, typing and hitting return. If you’ve more time on your hands you can add more description, schedule it, add tags etc… in other words it can act as a simple to do list AND act as a more complex task manager.

The interface looks good, the functionality is perfect and it was so good that once i discovered it, i ended my search for similar software – as it was exactly what i was looking for. If you’re looking for a web based service, is also worth a look.

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