the switch to windows 7

Windows 7 is out in 39 days. It’s been hyped up to no end by most people in the know, so we can all be sure it’s going to be a much better success story than Windows Vista. If you have windows vista, the only reason you own it is because you got it for ‘free’ when buying a new PC.

Given the fact Vista came out in early 2007 , there’s a good chance you’ve bought a desktop or laptop in that time, so you most likely have some sort of experience with Vista. The vast majority of schools and businesses still use XP, but 7 should be the windows XP ‘killer’.

Or will it? Now that businesses are strapped for cash, open source is looking better by the day and with linux distributions getting cleaner interfaces by the day and even google getting stuck in to open source operating systems, windows 7 is an extremely important operating system for Microsoft. Get it wrong, and they’re in big trouble and risk losing their grip on the OS market… so there’s a lot hanging on windows 7 for Microsoft and that’s probably why it will turn out to be such a great success…


Anyway, for me, windows 7 means the switch from 32 bit to 64 bit computing. It means another 1 gig of RAM and a faster, smoother all round experience. So i’ve already got October 22nd penciled in on my calendar as it’s a pretty move for me.

It’ll probably take me a full day or two to back up everything, wipe my harddrive, reinstall all my applications and tweak things around until everything is where i want it to be and performing how i like it. Ultimately, it means i can work faster and smarter which is always a good thing.

3 thoughts on “the switch to windows 7”

  1. I've been using the Win7 for quite a while (RC editions), and although it does blow Vista out of the water in terms of speed and refinement, I don't think it will knock me from my XP perch — not until I have a stable enough platform to persuade me to migrate from XP Pro.

    It's funny that when I ordered my PC from Dell, they wouldn't allow me to downgrade from Vista Home Premium, to XP despite the fact they were still shipping units with XP. Needless to say, two days of Vista usage led to the XP install discs coming out 😛

    Could 7 be the XP killer? I'm not sure, maybe in terms of Home users and perhaps gamers, but I don't think for Business users it will.

  2. I just ordered Windows 7 last night :D, I reckon there is a good chance that it will be the killer of xp, sure it allows you to have some type of xp support in windows 7, not sure if it is in all windows 7 versions but i know it is available.

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