The reason i’m at home today blogging…

Here’s what happened this morning 😡 :

7.41am : Alarm clock goes off, press snooze 2 times (as usual, torture) , get up at 7.51am.

7.52am : Put on uniform

8.00am : Have cheerios for breakfast, watch news on TV.

8.10am : Get wallet, phone, keys etc..

8.15am : Out of the house and into the car

8.25am : Arrive at car park, pay for all day ticket

8.29am : Arrive in work, 1 min early, clock in

8.31am : Walk past weekly rota, “Ah f***** hell, i’m off today”.

8.33am : Clock out 🙄 (4mins after clocking in)
8.38am : Arrive back at car, kicking self.

8.50am : Arrive home, try to go back to sleep – can’t.

9.00am : Open up laptop and onto the net.

9.00am – present : On net.

Ahh, the joys of having a normal day job…


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