the real cost of college

At a time when most people are complaining about fees, loans and grants, i’m more concerned with the time college is going to cost me…

Creative Commons License photo credit: CameliaTWU

I drive up and down daily to college. In total, i’m the car for about 2 hours per day, every day. That’s 10 hours per week instantly gone.

Class hours vary. If lecturers are all in (which you can’t take for granted), i have about 26 class hours per week. Sounds good, but in reality it’s not.

Having 2/3/4 hour gaps between those class hours is not good. Because ‘home’ is a 2 hour round trip for me, i have to stay on campus which would be fine if  i was guaranteed internet access, a table and a power socket. But again you can’t take that for granted.

So out of a typical week, i’d estimate i lose roughly 30 hours of productivity every week purely by attending college. Including those 26 class hours,  discounting weekends and allowing 35 hours for sleep (7 per day), that leaves me with about 29 hours for myself every week.

During summer, i get about 8 hours sleep (40 mon-fri) and have quite literally the rest of the time to do whatever i want… so i have 80 hours in total to work (if i absolutely wanted/needed to).

So when i go back to college, my free time will decrease by about 51 hours from Mon-Fri. Add in projects / study / college related work etc… and that free time decreases even further…

Having said all that, i am looking forward to going back and nobody is forcing me to go 😉

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