the race is on

I’m determined to get live by the end of the month. I’ll happily let it sit after that for a while, but it’s important i get it ‘complete’ now, rather than leaving it on my ever growing ‘to-do’ list.

I’ve been busy adding content this evening and i’ll need to create more plus clean up the site more. It’s like i have the shell of a car and all it’s components, but i just have to make sure they all gel together to form something slick and fully operational.

charity bypass sneak

This site will suprise a lot of people who follow me. It’s pretty high quality, a very different niche from my regular tech stuff and it’s not a wordpress based site 🙂 Right now, i feel i’m only getting better and better and this site will probably prove that – even through my own critical eyes i’d rate this as one of my best efforts :mrgreen:

So far, from the few people who have heard about it / seen it, feedback has been good. Although nobody including myself is quite sure how many people would actually use this site to bypass charity, the novelty factor is on my side and when you first visit the site, i’m hoping the novelty factor alone will be enough to create a viral effect.

Whatever about the idea or content, the overall package will be something i’ll be happy to put on a portfolio and put my name to… once it’s up and running though i’ll ditch it for other projects and move on to bigger and better things. I’ll keep an eye on feedback and stats and if i’m happy, i’ll either grow the site more or else sell it whilst it’s hot and new.

But that’s a long way away yet. For now, i just have to get the site finished. Finished to my own standards.

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