the power of negativity


Ireland will be bailed out. That’s according to the world’s media. When? By who? Do i agree? Doesn’t matter, but i think it’s now inevitable purely due to the power of negative thinking and how quickly it can spread these days…

I had intended blogging about this a couple of days ago when this idea of a bailout was floated seriously for the first time, prompting a swift “Shut up, it’s lies” response from the government. Over the past 48 hours though, this stuff has snowballed online and various stories about an Irish bailout have surfaced on pretty much all major news sites around the world. Today we found out talks about a possible bailout have been taking place, which highlights just how much trust and confidence you can place in the current government.

That will do huge damage to our reputation regardless of whether or not the stories have any credibility – the fact of the matter is the government can’t or don’t know how to control the media properly and fuel fires with vague, gray answers or outright lies… the usual political mind games.

Take a look at this… news articles which mention the words bailout & Ireland, over the last 24 hours.

ireland bailout

7,294 results.

This stuff is powerful. If you’re surrounded by negativity, it’s very difficult not to fall in to that way of thinking and that’s the reason we’ll be bailed out… because fear has set in and nobody but the government believes they can dig their way out of this hole they created.

Whilst everyone is more than happy to blame the government, i always like to point out the government are only in power because it’s us who put them there. The people must also shoulder a lot of the blame. Irish people are not innocent. Those of us that didn’t vote or that voted for the current government must learn from our mistakes, we’re not blameless and we should have seen through the mess that we elected just a few short years ago.

2 thoughts on “the power of negativity”

  1. indeed, it’s pretty simple & sad really – we’re seeing the power of modern day media…. if i’m an investor in anything irish and i see all this crap day after day, dominating news all over the world, i’d be pretty worried…

    throw in the fact the government are blatantly lying and covering up what’s going on behind closed doors and from the outside ireland looks like a complete mess and that’s exactly what it is at the minute…

    we’ve got poor leadership, a lack of vision and have now been ‘found out’ on the world stage – the situation is now out of our own hands and with the current government in place, that’s a good thing.

    we need iron fists and must punish those who got us in to this mess… it’s crucial they’re crippled before the average man on the street.

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