the plan for the next week

Bosnia Herzegovina

On Sunday, i’m off to Dubrovnik, Croatia. From there, i’ve a bus trip across the Croatian border to Bosnia / Herzegovina to a small, religious village called Medjugorje, where i’ll be spending most of the week. On Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of next week, i’ll be staying in Dubrovnik…

Dubrovnik & Medjugorje

This was booked a long time ago. My parents had planned on going along with some family. They ended up with some extra space so when asked if wanted to go with my girlfriend, i agreed, convincing myself it would be different and something i’d probably never do again. It’s considered one of these quiet, religious / mecca type places in the middle of nowhere, hence the ‘safety net’ of a few days in Dubrovnik (small Croatian city) which will break up our week nicely.

old town of dubrovnikCreative Commons License photo credit: gari.baldi

I prefer city breaks to sun holidays or peaceful holidays. I don’t know why, i just like to be kept busy and to see things. I’m an adventurer at heart. Mix that in with photography / blogging and i’ve great incentive to travel & share what i see.

I’m looking forward to staying in Dubrovnik, although admittedly i don’t know a whole pile about it only that it’s historical and scenic. I just haven’t had a time to think about this trip until now. I just switched off any time it was mentioned because it was a potential distraction from college work. So mentally, i’m not in holiday mode at all… i still think i’ve got work to do or exams to sit. It will take me a few days to relax and rid my brain of study material.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we’re also staying in a hotel close to Dublin airport because (a) we’ve a 6.50am flight Sunday morning (shoot me please) (b) I can dump the car there for the week for free. It’s about €7 per day if i were to park it at the airport.

I’ll bring you back a present

Having read and seen a bit of the places i’ll be heading to i can safely say i’m gonna end up with thousands of photos. I bought a 16gb SD card during the week and i have 2 x 8GB ones and a few 4GB / 2GB cards so i should have enough memory to do me (i probably won’t get to a computer for the next 7 or 8 days). I’m getting more in to photography & adobe lightroom / photoshop enhancements so i should be able to bring back and create a visual feast for you guys.

Paris Calling

On the subject of holidays, i’ve also just booked a hotel and flights to Paris for the end of July. Again, i got lucky here.. my girlfriend has decided to treat me as a graduation / finished college type present. How could i say no? 🙂 We’ll be going to Disneyland and staying close by in a fancy hotel with her family. We’ll be there for 4 nights in total and will be getting a 3 day pass to Disneyland so again that’s something different and something to look forward to.

The Prince's worst investment ??Creative Commons License photo credit: Ammar Abd Rabbo

I’ve never been to Disneyland (Florida or Paris) but I have been to Florida before (and seen Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Kennedy Space Center etc…). That was back in 2004 i think, with my girlfriend & her family. All i had back then was a crappy (although bloody expensive at the time) nokia 6600 to take photos with. It was a trip and a half and i could easily have spent the full two weeks in Universal Studios alone.

Anyway, it must be summer because i’m talking about holidays and not college 🙂 I’ll be back on Sunday, May 29th and if you don’t hear from me then, just wait longer :mrgreen:


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