the next two weeks

january 2011

On January 14th, i head off to Barcelona for 3 days and it’s straight back in to college once i get home. That gives me just a couple of weeks of ‘free’ time…


Of course ‘free’ time isn’t ‘free’ time. I’m supposed to be studying every day and working on a dissertation and generally using this time to catch up on college work and prepare for the semester ahead.

I’ll not be doing that but i will set aside two days to work on my dissertation. This will involve coming up with a table of contents and writing an introduction and generally planning what i’m gonna be doing. That’s the hard bit.


Most of my time will be spent reading about and experimenting with iphone apps. I’ve taken the unusual step of ordering a book so you know it’s serious when i do that (i hate books, especially hardback / paper books). It’s one of my goals in 2011 to create an iphone app so i’m eager to tick this off my list as soon as possible and hopefully get a taste for app development.

Video & Photos

Although i’ll be taking a lot of video in Barcelona and won’t get a chance to edit that until after i get back and get settled in at college, i hope to start uploading videos before then and playing around with editing both on my iphone and PC. I’ll also be uploading more photos to flickr and reorganising my flickr account.

Start as you mean to go on

My aim this month is to get more creative and start producing more content. It’s all about the content. These first couple of weeks are college free & distraction free so it’s a great opportunity to get the year off to a good start.

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