the man who’s buying the internet..

One of my readers forwarded this article on to me yesterday, which i thought was nice, and very inspiring. (It’s a long read though, you’ll need about 15mins).. it reached the front page of digg today by the way.. (Declan, you missed out on the digg frontpage! :mrgreen: )

It’s basically about this guy who seems to be taking over the internet quite literally by buying hundreds of thousands of domains. He uses bots to snap up domain names and puts affiliate links on them… it earns him millions..

He also has people in Cameroon snapping up domain names with the .cm extension – a very common typo for .com. So imagine having,, – all hugely valuable .com’s which mean there are a lot of typo’s to be cashed in on. .cm is just one of them 😆

I couldn’t be arsed going to that sort of trouble though 😎 i’d prefer to have one big, valuable site, rather than thousands of little MFA’s (made for adsense) or affiliate sites. That’s the one thing i’ve learned in my short career on the internet – quality, not quantity. If you can match the two, you’re laughing all the way to the bank 🙂

But if you have money lying around, this is the place to invest – internet real estate. 10 years from now, 2 word .com’s could be extinct and worth what a one word .com is worth today – loads :mrgreen:

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  1. He’s not registering the CM domains, he’s even shrewder than that – he has an agreement with the .cm people to redirect all non existant domains to landing pages he operates

    eg. and both work.

    It’s on a wildcard basis, if domain doesnt exist redirect traffic to contextually relavent landing page depending on the domain text. If context can be established than generic ads are shown.

    Pretty smart because he then doesnt have any trademark issues, nobody actually registered the domain and the original trademark holders can just register the domain to stop it happening (although its apparently bloody hard to actually do the registration – is all done by mail!)

    I agree that Quality vs Quantity is best in most cases, but all his domains mostly run off automated scripts that serve those lander pages – no work involved for him 😉

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