The London Olympics Logo..

For the first time i seen this London Olypmics logo everyone is harping on about..


At first glance, it looks like 2 people doing naughty things 😉

At second glance it’s actually quite clever..

The shapes spell out ‘London’, but also ‘2012’ if you look at it closely.

‘2012’ is obvious or at least it should be :mrgreen: ‘London’ is a little more complicated…

It starts with the ‘L’, the top left shape. The ‘O’ is the olympic rings, the ‘N’ is the shape top right shape.

So basically, read the top row from left-right, the bottom row from left-right and you get ‘London 2012’.

The ‘D’ is the bottom left, almost like an arrow, the other ‘O’ is a square and the final ‘N’ is the bottom right shape.

Pretty clever and i’d imagine it took quite some thought and imagination.

4 thoughts on “The London Olympics Logo..”

  1. I’ve tried my best, but it certainly doesn’t spell out ‘London’ or should that be ‘london’

    Horrid logo imo.; at least it only cost £400,000 (€589,156) 🙄

  2. wohoo i’m on 2kbloggers at last :mrgreen:

    i can’t believe that cost almost €600,000 😯 that’s insane – it’s a logo!

    it does have hidden meanings and perhaps i’m over-analysing it.. but it also looks like a man lifting an atlas stone onto a wall. (you know, that event in world’s strongest man).

    it defintely spells ‘London’ and ‘2012’ which i think is the reason it was picked. All those hours in art class in school haven’t been wasted 😛

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