The Leaving Cert

Seen as i own the, i thought i’d explain what it is and how i came about making it.

The Leaving Cert is: (thanks to wiki here)

“the final course in the Irish secondary school system and culminates with the Leaving Certificate Examination. It takes a minimum of two years preparation, but an optional Transition Year means that for those students it takes place three years after the Junior Cert Examination. Most students taking the examination are aged 17-19; in excess of eighty percent of this group undertake the exam, although between socio-economic groups this varies greatly. Examination is overseen by the State Examinations Commission.”?

So i’ve been through it, along with millions of other Irish students, got the t-shirt, blogged about it etc… I had also built up a mountain of notes and material on my PC so rather than delete them, i thought i’d share them with future Leaving Cert students. Que –

i was rather surprised to see the domain hadn’t been snatched up. So i decided to snap it up and create the site in the hope it will become a useful resource for students.

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