The Leaving Cert dot com

This was my first ever website. I’ve built it up from scratch and as a result, i feel it’s mine and only I can develop it to it’s potential.

It’s a niche which i tried to conquer as a noOb, but looking back i didn’t know what the hell i was doing with it. I used dreamweaver and a free template and forum to initially get it up and running… it was a website – it worked. Those where the days when i manually updated like 20 pages rather than use a template 😳

I also didn’t have a clue about SEO and wondered why i wasn’t in google, and more importantly, why i wasn’t top of google :mrgreen:

Anyway, i mentioned this before, but i think i’m going to completely revamp yet again, for the third time. In January last year, i paid $300 to get it kitted out but i was never really happy with it. Let’s face it, i’m a wordpress geek at this stage and best to stick with what i know.

I reckon i can manage everything myself this time, from logo to SEO to content. Shows how far i’ve come in under 2 years. I’ve just installed google analytics on the site to see what sort of traffic it’s getting as any other stats are useless imo. I should have had analytics on it from day one but i was just too lazy to bother doing it. The site hasn’t been updated in like 6 months or more 🙄

But having seen it climb to the top of google and realise people still need a site like this, i can hear it just calling out to me – “love me, i need you, i miss you – don’t leave me out on the streets to rot”.

Well,, today is your lucky day because i’ve decided to bite the bullet and re-house you :mrgreen: You shall be receive my love and attention very soon 😆

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