the last two weeks in video


Today i got around to uploading several new videos taken over the past couple of weeks in Paris & Cork…

Going Up?

This was the tower of terror ride i talked about and went on in Walt Disney Studios, Paris. As you can see the doors open and you’re left hanging there for a few seconds. The lift jumps slightly and comes crashing down at ‘faster than gravity’ speed.

Jumping Water

I thought this was pretty clever. It’s a a garden with several small ponds / wells sitting close to each other. Every couple of seconds water is shot from each pond which gives the illusion water is jumping from pond to pond…

Hold on to your hat

0 to 57mph in 2.8 seconds on this rollercoaster. Enough said. Although it does look slower here than it is in real life.

Slinky Dog

It’s a pitty this didn’t go from 0 to 57mph in 2.8 seconds because it would have looked hilarious on video, but here’s the ‘Slinky Dog’ ride in action.

How do they keep smiling?

Here’s what a typical Disney Parade looks like. They run every few hours or something around the park. Even i was getting sick of them having spent a couple of days there so i’m not sure how the staff maintain their enthusiasm.

Monkeying About

Spider monkeys here from Fota Wildlife Park. You could watch them all day, at least the younger ones. They’re literally moving around constantly and trying to cause trouble.

Lunch Time for a Cheetah

These cheetahs have to chase after their lunch (dead rabbit) on an overhead rail system. It’s been a while since i seen a cheetah so i was surprised at how small they are in real life… i reckon a human could easily overpower them, any volunteers? 🙂

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