The Laptop Arrived

My girlfriend’s laptop arrived today.

Not bad, considering i only ordered it 48 hours ago :mrgreen:

This is Ireland – that’s not supposed to happen. I’m supposed to order it, it will ship out the same day, then it will take 2 days to arrive in Dublin, it will then sit in the back of a van for a few days, then arrive about a week later 😆 That’s usually what ‘express’ deliver means in Ireland, especially if you live outside of Dublin.

Anyway, here’s the pics;


Specs wise, the Aspire 4920, kicks my Ferrari’s ass. 2 Gig Ram, 120 gig HD, 1.5ghz dual core intel CPU…

It also has surprisingly good sound and some handy external buttons for volume control and general multimedia stuff. Something my Ferrari lacks.

It’s a 14.1 inch, so as you can see, slightly smaller and lighter than my 15.4″ Ferrari.

One thing i don’t like however is Vista. I swear, having played with it for about 2/3 hours, i was glad to get back to XP. It seems completely and utterly pointless…

All it is, is a fat XP with loads of extra junk in the form of flashy interfaces and blurring/glowing windows. Completely unnecessary and a huge waste of resources. If this was my laptop, i’d actually downgrade to XP at the minute, purely because i believe it’s faster and easier to use. No junk or nonsense.

Apart from that though, this is one nice little laptop, with plenty of power power under the hood. A bargain at €650. I could almost buy 3 of them for the price my Ferrari cost almost 3 years ago :mrgreen:

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