the irish bebo killer..

This headline certainly grabbed my attention – “Nimble -v- Bebo” – i first discovered it in an irish forum.

Now i was expecting some sort of space age design with killer features and professionalism throughout. You can imagine what i was thinking when i first opened up the homepage 😆


Ok, so it’s unique and it has a decently designed logo…. eh.. yeah, that’s about it! I was STUNNED to see it has almost 25,000 members as it’s not even 2 months old. Obviously they have an army of friends to spread the word virally.

Nimble is not a bebo killer. It never will be. They need to clean up the appearance, give it a more user friendly interface, and give it curves, gloss, gradients, style… something members can be proud to promote.

Put it this way, unless i made the site for non-commercial purposes, i’d be ashamed to promote the site in it’s current state. No x factor whatsoever and to claim it can even come close to Bebo is an insult to Bebo imo.

3 thoughts on “the irish bebo killer..”

  1. Nah dude, you’ve missed one important point. “filled with guys and girls who love to chat and flirt” – it’s USP is the ‘flirt’ bit. A brief look at bebo or myspace is enough to prove the point that there is no correlation between design quality and success.

  2. if it’s to chat and flirt why am i seeing 12/13 year olds all over it? You can flirt on bebo.. what features does nimble have that seperate it?

    You’re right design quality doesn’t matter if the content or features are good enough. But design still can’t be neglected. If it wants an edge over Bebo it should be attacking Bebo on all fronts. That’s what we’re doing with BeerChief.

    This would have been grand; pre-bebo. But it has entered the game well behind bebo. It will be very difficult to prize bebo users away from bebo with an inferior site imo. The features aren’t different or unique enough to make me choose nimble over bebo. At least if the design could equal or better it, i might be tempted to stay on it longer.

    It’s a 90’s design with bits of 2007 copied and pasted in. That’s the way i see it anyway..

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