the good samaritan…

strangest thing happened today in work.

i was coming into the building on a travelator, approaching the 1st floor. When i got to the top of the travelator, i noticed a big bunch of €20 notes scattered all over the place. I didn’t count, but i’d say about €400’s worth.

the place was mad busy at the time… i didn’t want to run after people saying “did you lose *this*?” – and present a few hundred euro… (anyone could just claim it) so i handed it to security and got them to take care of it.

i never even thought about keeping it, which surprised me looking back on it. €400, Christmas time, that money would be a nice little bonus 😉

But, no, instinctively i handed it in, not even thinking about it. So i’m delighted with myself for being the good samaritan – not because i made the morally right decision, but because it came instinctively to me 🙂

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  1. In the bank of ireland on the south mall one day I found a HUGE roll of notes. I have no idea how much was there, but suffice to say I hadn’t seen a roll of notes that large on a person before.

    I handed it in to the cashier.

    Afterwards I was kicking myself for not simply giving the cashier my name and number and the information that i had found the money. I trust me, and I rust the cashier, but I don’t trust the bank.

    I try to remember that whenever I find stuff now!

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