The Eduardo Effect

All right, i blogged about the Eduardo effect yesterday, but didn’t quite realise just how out of hand it’s gotten :mrgreen:

My traffic normally hovers around the 150 unique visitors per day mark. For the first time ever, i’d just sustained 100+ unique’s per day for 30 days solid, then this article came along and took things to a whole new level.


Just look at that graph! Yesterday, almost 1500 unique visits came my way, the day before almost 1000 and today it’s at 300 already with another 15 or 16 hours to go 😆

This is as good as a digg effect for me, if not better, as this is all organic search traffic and therefore more longer term. I’m just lucky my server is able to handle all of this extra traffic without any apparent issues.

So almost 1500 unique visits a day – long may it last 😈 This month just gets better and better for me. I wish it could be February every month 😉

1 thought on “The Eduardo Effect”

  1. This would be another reason as to why you should get some ads on the site.

    Actually if I were you I would do a 301 redirect, and push this traffic to you new badankles domains……

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