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Browsing forums, adding people on facebook, talking to them, wandering over to twitter… sounds like leisure time right? Well that’s what i was doing today but i can assure you it’s not leisure, it’s all ‘work’.

Over the past few days, i’ve built up our leaving cert account friends list on facebook & twitter and set up several new pages (on facebook). I’ve been looking at forums too and doing more in depth research on our new site –

It is all ‘easy’ and enjoyable… and it’s actually something i probably don’t do enough of! But you do need some sort of goal or purpose when you’re on facebook, otherwise you’ll just get sucked in to time wasting like normal users do. Reaching out to people, connecting with them, talking with them and understanding how they work is hugely valuable to me when it comes to improving

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I’ve already gotten more ideas, made a list of weaknesses with both sites ( and The most valuable part of my little wander around the web today was simply watching people. Watching what they’re saying, what they’re posting, who they’re talking to, what they’re liking…

In other words, spying :mrgreen: but it’s not spying when people voluntarily post information about themselves publicly. It’s just good indepth research. All from a swivel chair. No clipboards, no watching over peoples shoulders or face to face false conversations… it’s the best way… being a fly on the wall.

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Ultimately i ended the day with more knowledge and more ideas so it was productive. A win.

I can’t tell you what else i did today although i’d like to. All i can say is that it was work on a new project. Although it might seem like i’m not doing much these days, i’m doing a lot. A lot of it isn’t being blogged about because it’s all development work on partnership projects.

But my focus is good, much better than it has been for the past few months. I’m able to get things done rather than start on one thing and get distracted by another. I’ve been reading psychology & meditation blogs which probably helps. Even though everything in them is common sense and i’m learning nothing new, i’m becoming more aware of it, which i suppose is pretty much what psychology is all about…

I’ll talk in depth about some of those blogs and the tricks i’ve learned at a later date… right now i’ve a deadline to hit – it’s 11.37pm and i still have to design an image, re-read this post and get everything uploaded & published before midnight. Nothing will stop me 😉

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