the day michael jackson died

Michael Jackson died late yesterday evening (GMT), 25th June. RIP. I’m gutted.

I’m by no means a hardcore / fanatical fan but i had booked a trip to London to see him perform at one of his 50 sell out concert dates in London starting next month.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 RIP
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dallas1200am

I’ll still be going to London because i’ve flights, tickets for other events and accommodation all booked and paid for but there’s gonna be one massive hole now in the trip and there’s nothing i can do about it…

Saturday evening, July 18th 2009 is not gonna be the same for me… (night i had tickets for).

I had always prepared / accepted that he might not be able to perform but death was never one of the thoughts that had crossed my mind. I’m sure there’s always gonna be conspiracy theories from now on about how he faked his own death (with 50 concerts and millions of $ at stake) but the world has lost it’s modern day Elvis Pressley, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana etc…

Michael Jackson – the popstar – was probably the greatest musician of all time and you can have nothing but respect for the man for that reason alone. This is one of those horrible days where somebody you don’t know dies yet you feel like it’s a friend or family member.

I’ll get over it and get on with life and so will other people… but for his family & kids in particular, time will probably stand still today, tomorrow and for the forseeable future.


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