the day after the skydive

It’s extremely hard for me to just continue blogging today about technology and projects etc… when i threw myself out of an airplane yesterday. I’ve had time to absorb everything and the reality of it all is starting to set in.

skydive plane

It’s definitely something i can be proud of and say that i’ve done. My post yesterday was important as i was able to capture all of my thoughts and feelings and describe the experience is reasonably good detail. It will be nice in years to come to look back on that post and remind myself what it felt like.

Anyway, it all started off as a charity skydive and i ran a competition way back in September 2008. Although i didn’t raise much back then, it was still better than nothing and i have to thank these guys again for putting up prizes.

I had intended to jump then (or soon after) but money and time were a problem. So we (i was doing it with a friend), decided to put it off until April 2009 or so when the weather would start to pick up and we’d both be finishing up in college.

April came and went and then we said summer 2009 – after i’d finished college i came up with a masterplan to (a) raise money (b) keep me busy (c) help myself learn & study more.

free logos at

That free logo offer turned out to be a stroke of genius and i haven’t looked back. Ever since i announced that, i’ve been working on multiple projects for & with multiple people. Anyway, i went to London in July 2009 and said that i’d skydive when i came back.

But i was still busy, August was approaching and i said to myself – “Right, i MUST do this before i head back to college”… Although it was the 27th september when i jumped, i’d put the wheels in motion long before that (before i went back to college). I didn’t want to build it up too much on this blog again, so in the end it was a low key event on the blog right up until i’d gotten confirmation i was going to be jumping.

I’m not lying though when i say i’ve thought about it every day since it was first mentioned to me – once an idea is put in my head and i agree to it, that’s it… no going back. Even if i’ll temporarily bury it to the back of my mind or put it on hold for a while, i will usually complete things 🙂

Although the day was a bit of a blur, i’m happy that i jumped and could enjoy it & take everything in… it is a once in a lifetime experience and i’m glad i can stroke it off so early in my life :mrgreen:

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