the compliments keep rolling in…

Just happened to be checking traffic and noticed JPEGr was blogged about on

“JPEGr claims to provide the easiest photo hosting on the net and it might just be. You find a photo, you upload it and then you can pass it around or post it to your blog/myspace. It’s just that simple and the interface is clean and usable at every stage. Which is nice. It wouldn’t be an awful lot of use to me but I can imagine it’d be a great spot for someone who just wants to throw up a pic to share with friends or family. How it would hold up hosting images for a well trafficked site is anyone’s guess but they seem to do everything else right. It’s not quite Flickr but, obviously enough, that’s kind of the point.”

It’s great to hear people complimenting your sites, gives you real encouragement 🙂

That comment is exactly how i want JPEGr to be perceived plus it’s free advertising for me so it’s always nice to see the JPEGr name being splashed about the web.

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