the business end of summer

We’re now moving in to mid/late August which for a lot of people signals the end of summer, the start of school, the start of college. It gets darker earlier, it gets slightly cooler and we now start thinking about winter, rather than summer…

Rush Hour at the Beach
Creative Commons License photo credit: keepitsurreal

I’ve been busy this summer. Very busy. It’s still not over yet but i’m well aware my time is running out. This week, i’ll probably try and finish up on some paid work i’m doing. I also hope to get one site (a .ie) near completion.

I haven’t done much with this blog in a while, but i hope to update my portfolio this week and fix a few things that are bugging me. If i get time, i’ll try to create a few really top quality, informative posts.

But time is a currency that’s scarce for me right now and with college looming (3 weeks on tuesday), the rush is on to get as much as possible crammed in over these next few weeks :mrgreen:

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