The Big Clean Up

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I spent about 3 hours today cleaning up my workstation. It’s something i don’t look forward to, but it has to be done every now and then…

Nuke the lot

Sometimes the best way of doing things is to destroy everything in sight and rebuild from the ground up. I set myself the task of gaining space whilst keeping everything i use on a daily basis within easy reach. The first thing i did was to take everything off my desk, clean it and then stare at it for about 20 minutes, visualizing multiple potential options.

Home Office Clean Up

Home Office Clean Up

Home Office Clean Up

The foundation work

After scraping a mountain of dust from the desk & rubbing it down with wipes, i started placing stuff back on the desk and arranging it all until i was happy.

Home Office Clean Up

I made several changes from my last set up;

  • My subwoofer is now out of sight, on the floor
  • My PC has been pushed back further in to the corner
  • My lamp is now visible (it’s not in the picture above) and easy to adjust (it was previously hidden in behind my monitors)
  • I have two speakers flanking each monitor along with one behind each monitor and the tweeter speaker is now on top of my PC.
  • Graphics tablet is now above my mousepad, to my right side (previously in the center)
  • Although you can’t see it, the mess of cables and wires has been tidied up greatly

The Finished Product

Home Office Clean Up

Home Office Clean Up

It looks and feels spacier than my last set up and that was the goal. The printer is still on my desk at the minute but i’ll try to find a spot for it later on to create even more space. The revamp doesn’t stop there though, my wardrobe is being turned in to a filing cabinet with shelves so i’ll be able to store all my folders and stationary in that, out of sight.

Also on my to do list is;

  • get a bin
  • put my new whiteboard up on wall
  • shuffle furniture around so that i can access whiteboard
  • get more storage boxes

That’s all easy stuff though compared to what i’ve done today… it’s a nightmare taking apart a 7.1 surround sound system, then putting it back together. So much wire, so many speakers… you really have to tie them together & label them (which i’ve done) otherwise you just end up with a big mess of wires that all look the same.

Speaking about the surround sound system (like what i’ve done there?!), i think i’ve managed to fix or at least ‘improve’ a problem with my speakers… the volume would fluctuate randomly which i’m certain is linked to the remote control. I opened it up, gave it a good clean and straightened the wire leading from the remote control to the speaker itself. Volume rarely fluctuates now so hopefully it’ll stay that way.

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