The Big Clean Up – Day #2


Yesterday i gave my workstation & surrounding area a good cleaning. I also moved things about to steal a few precious inches of space. Today, i did the exact same…

My printer has now found a new home, my old tv unit has found a new home and everything has been cleaned & reorganized to maximize space and minimize clutter…

Laser Printer Relegated From Desk

Printer: A machine for printing text or pictures onto paper, esp. one linked to a computer.

Paper. There’s that word again. The stuff that just won’t die no matter how hard we try to kill it. I don’t like printers because they produce stuff that ultimate gets lost or thrown in a bin. They’re clutter producing machines. So having one on my desk is asking for trouble (or clutter). I want that thing as far away as possible from me and because mine is a wireless laser printer, that can be done easily.

I’ve moved it to the opposite side of the room, as far away from me as possible. It frees up a huge amount of space on my desk plus it means i have one less dust catcher sitting on my desk. It’s not used daily so it makes sense to relegate it.

My Room

My Room

Whiteboard Space

The unit my printer is sitting on (above) used to be sitting beside my main desk at the other side of the room. By moving it, i’ve freed up this corner;

My Room

Which allows me to swivel all the way over there to my whiteboard which has yet to be put up. It will go above where those plastic drawers are sitting at the minute. The whiteboard is magnetic too so i’ll be able to pin notes and stuff on it. It’s important that it’s easy to reach and close to my main workspace. I don’t want to have to bend over stuff to write on it or shove it underneath something and take it out when i need it… that’s not going to make me use it… it needs to be nice and easy to get at and there when i need it.

More Desk Space

Because the printer has been moved, i’m left with a giant ‘hole’ to fill. Check out the big chunk of empty space to the right…

My Room

And that’s how it’s gonna stay. Empty. Having that huge big space allows me to write, read or both. It’s more inviting for the creative side of me than having a massive laser printer there.

One of a kind

You might have noticed in the pictures above a giant ‘bee hive’ shaped object with black and white stripes. Here it is up close;

My Room

“WTF?” i hear you say… There was only one of these ever created. How do i know that? Because i made it :mrgreen: One of my earlier works of art from a clay modelling class in school. Supposed to resemble Hook Head lighthouse in Wexford. It’s big, it’s ugly but i’m only after realizing it makes for an excellent piggybank. So rather than hide it away i decided to clean it up a bit and plonk it on top of a chest of drawers. I hate small change. I never keep anything lower than 50c coins in my wallet. The rest get chucked in a big tin or left in the car for parking meters but from now on they’ll be housed in this work of art.

More changes still to come, but it’s all starting to come together nicely now. The goal at the start was to allow myself to work faster & smarter and the changes i’ve made so far make sense. They seem logical. It’s as if i’ve got more space yet everything is still here.

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