The benefits of working online…

just to inspire me and you to furthur success… i thought i’d compile a list of advantages of being your own boss on the internet;

  • all profit is yours.
  • can start/leave work at any time.
  • can take holidays/breaks at any time.
  • no distractions.
  • no annoying customers.
  • you get all the credit for everything.
  • no traveling to work
  • no putting on a uniform/suit
  • can be working in the bath/garden/watching TV/in bed…
  • can mix work with pleasure with the flick of a button.
  • laugh at people who earn less and work harder than you.
  • get to give yourself the fancy title of ‘internet entrepreneur’.

it’s hard work at first, but once a few successful sites are up an running, you earn while you sleep – 24/7.


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