the beauty of travel in 2008

As you’ll all know by now i’m heading to London in a few days time (this coming Tuesday).

EVERYTHING has been booked and done online… flights, boarding cards, hotel, train, attractions, theatre tickets, airport parking :mrgreen:

Not only do i get everything cheaper by booking online, but i can also skip the ticket queues in all the attractions and walk straight past the airport check in desks watching people lose it over ridiculous excess baggage charges and hidden check in fees 😎 I’ll also watch people get turned away from the airport car park because it’s full and they don’t have it pre-booked , whilst i can drive past them laughing 😀

The internet really saves so much hassle and does away with all the usual crap you usually have to put up going to airports/holidays… queues, queues and more queues.

We then come to getting around.. where is everything? Well i’ve been in London a couple of times now so i’ve a rough idea of where things are, plus i can check out google earth or maps in advance if i’m unsure 😉

If i still get stuck or have to take a detour for some reason, no problem, no stress… this is where my n95’s sat nav comes in :mrgreen: I used that last year to get us to a few places…

For the first time ever, i’ll be totally relaxed going away as i know everything is booked and paid for in advance and i don’t have to deal with humans only for eating out. All it takes is a few hours of planning and investigating before you travel and it makes life so much easier 🙂

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