The Art of Simplicity…

I hate clutter. Old people’s houses tend to be full of clutter, junk, whatever you want to call it.

Pictures, storage units, ornaments, vases, too many pieces of furniture in one room.. you know what i’m talking about 🙂

I also hate dublin airport and small winedy roads.. they make me feel trapped and claustrophobic, as if i can’t stop or get out when i want to. So it’s safe to say i like things big, spacey and clutter free.

I’d imagine most people are the same.. they prefer motorways over single carriage roads… high ceilings rather than low one’s, a kingsize bed over a single bed. Well, websites are just like houses.

The cluttered one’s make me feel uncomfortable, the simple one’s make me want to stay on them that little bit longer… just like coming off a motorway onto a single lane road, i don’t want to leave a simple website for fear i’ll hit on a cluttered on :mrgreen:

Widgets, flashing ads, 100% page width, 3/4 columns.. too much text… basically people chuck everything they can into a website. There comes a time when enough is enough and you need to ‘let go’ of the junk.

Social Networking sites (well, user profiles) are an example of cluttered sites. Too much information, too hard on the eyes, too much scrolling etc.. Rigid, set structures are the way forward, whether people like them or not.

If Hitler ran a social networking site, he’d ban widgets and auto-load videos/audio, plus flashing text and animated images. He’d also insist on light backgrounds, dark text with no images covering text. I’d be the first member on board 😆

Simple = good.

Clutter = bad.

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