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pen mightier than sword

This year in college i’ll have to do a lot more thinking, reading and writing. Not as much coding and practical work. That suits me though, in fact i’d say that’s a real advantage for me…

I read and write daily, i know you do to 😉 It’s part of every day life and it’s something we take for granted. I know i take it for granted… the ability to put words together and make other people understand how you feel without talking to them or seeing them in person is a gift. And we can always improve that gift no matter how old or wise we are.

Reading is like listening with your eyes. You can hear what you want to hear, read what you want to read. I do it all the time. When reading my own stuff on this blog i tend to read what isn’t there. In reality i might have left words out or made some grammatical error in a post which confuses people.

The chances are that’s an accident, it’s not just down to my lack of ability to write. When i read my own sentences back to myself, i read what i had intended to write, not what’s actually written on paper. I have gotten a bit better over the years though at spotting my bad habits. These days not much slips past me. You may notice ‘american’ spelling on this blog. Categorize. Organize. Center. Airplane.

I adopt some american spellings if i think they make sense. If i think they sound ‘right’. ‘Centre’ for example (british spelling) sounds stupid. Makes no sense whatsoever to me. So i don’t use it, because i don’t have to :mrgreen: the luxury of being your own editor…

The only word i ‘protect’ from americanization is ‘colour’ – don’t ask me why. Of course all of this stuff isn’t good for college. It’s not ‘proper’ and i’m not allowed invent my own language and spellings, so i have to conform in order to maximize marks.

And that’s what a lot of this year will be about… no intellectual showboating, no custom made spellings, just proper, reasonable, logical viewpoints and answers in the british / english language. That’s the key to passing any English test. Safety first. No starting fires you can’t put out. No knives being stabbed in to anything unless you can somehow justify it.

Of course for me i find that fairly boring, i’m so used to blogging so it’s difficult for me not to automatically SEO the opening paragraph or think to myself “what image can i come up with in photoshop that sums up this blog post”. Even if the subject is boring i can always go a bit wild with the photoshop image or come up with something controversial.

That’s the sort of habit i’m in but overall, despite those bad habits, when it comes to writing and getting my point across, i’m at a distinct advantage thanks to blogging. In a funny kind of way search engine optimization has also taught me not to ‘derail the train’. For example if i title a post ‘i hate college’, i’m thinking to myself “keyword density, readability, relevance to title etc” and i do that automatically at this stage throughout the post.

So i owe a lot to blogging and SEO. It has taught me to right better 🙂

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  1. yeah that’s another conscious decision… ‘ i ‘ looks and reads better than ‘ I ‘ which could be confused with a lower case ‘L’ or a ‘ | ‘ mark (key above backslash)..

    again that’s just me living in my own world, because i can :mrgreen:

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