that’s just quality

There are times you have to hold your hands up and just stand back in awe of something.

This theme is one of those times. Video overlay effects, AJAX popups, AJAX ratings system, excellent use of custom fields, dynamic reflection effect on header…

I spoke yesterday about impulse buying websites – this is definitely something you look at and just want – i know i did. I bought it a few days ago :mrgreen:

I had a video blog/idea on the way ( and needed a quality video theme – this is it. I’ve had to adjust the logo slightly to suit, but i’ll happily tone down the logo to show off this theme. is a site that i’m now going to hold on to – i think i can do a good job on it and it’s a much smaller niche than some of the rest of the sites i’ve been producing.

So instead of selling, will be up for the chop. It has a bit of traffic and some content so it should be worth something… i’ll try to sell it for ~$200.

With a decent pagerank, 100 videos or so and some traffic, will be worth a good bit. It’s the sort of site that will gain viral traffic quite easily i’d imagine.

In other news, i’ve bought the domain ‘’ and i’ve a pretty cool idea for this. It will have to be custom built, so it may not see the light of day for a good while, but the idea is definitely cool and will work 😎

I was also pleasantly surprised when the domain wasn’t registered…. a .com…. two common words, only 9 characters – pretty unusual. The two g’s in the middle don’t help it, but it’s still a nice find 🙂

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