that’s it, summer is over…

I’m officially starting back to college next week which means my summer is now over. It’s been a hugely productive one and i’m taking plenty of work and projects with me in to the winter months.

Creative Commons License photo credit: the photo workshop

This summer has seen me learn more about photoshop, css, php, mysql, wordpress and generally multi-task on steroids. I’m much busier these days, but at the same time i’m getting more done and that’s always good.

My portfolio has grown considerably this summer and it’ll probably double in size by the end of the year (as i haven’t updated it recently). I’ll be doing a skydive this month and i’ll also be attending bizcamp, so i still have lots to look forward to, but i’m not looking forward to swine flu and the cold months.

I think it’s inevitable swine flu will spread like wildfire this winter in schools and colleges so i’ll be ultra cautious this winter, especially considering what happened to me last winter. If i can stay fit, get sleep and keep learning, i’m confident i can get more projects off the ground and end what will be my best year online with a bang.

The bread and butter work of passing exams and going in to college still has to be done, but i’m confident i can cope with everything.

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