that touch of class

A website is much more than an online business card. 10 years ago, any old site would do just to have as an online presence – to be seen to be online. These days however, you’ll be judged by the quality of your website. A poor site can damage reputations and images. At the same time, it can do wonders for image and reputation.

It’s important you remain cutting edge and do things differently. Or at least try to. Here are some panoramic pictures i took yesterday and stitched together for a GAA club website i’m building at the minute. They’re impressive. Not many clubs do things like this. From doing some research on other GAA club websites, the vast majority are really poor, out-dated and look really unprofessional. I’m not going to give links, but do a quick google and you’ll see what i mean.

Ok, these clubs are non profit, they can’t afford the fancy stuff, but i do think it’s wrong to under-estimate the power of a decent, updated website. It’s a way to tie everything together and if done right, it can pay for itself and actually increase revenue in the long run.

Rockcorry GAA grass level

Rockcorry GAA view from the stand

Rockcorry GAA - view from the corner

Rockcorry GAA behind goals

Rockcorry GAA Ground

Anyway, stay tuned for more on this website – it’s looking well and these pictures will just add that touch of class that make it stand out even more (for the right reasons!).

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  1. yeah i use photoshop and some other stuff – autostitch is pretty handy too (free panoramic tool)

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