thank god it’s friday..

At 4pm today, i shall be finished my temporary position in work. A few days ago, i posted about how i was being used as a swiss army knife at work to cover a role in a different department doing different work, with zero help and zero experience.

I’ve almost got through it – unscathed and cool as ever 😎 I’ve kept things ticking over nicely and haven’t had any complaints from managers yet which is always a good sign 😉

The danger now of course, is that i’ll be drafted in to cover shifts here and there on a regular basis. Not what i want, not what i need (the hours are long with early starts). That’s why i haven’t been blogging much this week as i’ve been working more than normal at my day job.

But with 7 weeks left until ‘D day’ (departure day), it’s not like i should be too worried. I’ve been asked to submit dates for my summer holidays; i’ll not be around that long 😈

Anyway, back to normal next week and from here on in.. i can start to re-focus on BeerChief and adding more to this blog. 🙂

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