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I’ve spoken about this before, but it deserves another mention today. A few times this has happened, and there’s no reason for it.

I was supposed to have classes from 9-5 today. Maths lecturer was out, he told us last week he’d be out – no problem.

So i then thought i’d be in from 9-4.

Why then, am i sitting at home blogging at 11.50am, you’re wondering?

Well, 2 more of our lecturer’s didn’t turn up today. One emailed us at 9.50am saying he wouldnt be in for the 11am lecture 😡

The result; a very pissed off smemon. I could have stayed in bed, not wasted 2 hours driving up and down, plus saved a few quid on petrol.

Not on. All it takes is an email sent out Sunday night – not monday morning by which stage we’re all feckin in anyway 🙄

I don’t care if lecturers are off for whatever reason – in fact, im usually glad they are :mrgreen: But it’s not on when you could save people time, money, confusion, hassle with one little email laying it all out on the table.

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