taking things in your stride

There are certain times when people are put under pressure, certain times there’s no pressure at all on… then there’s times in between.

Whether it’s having a near miss in a car, failing an exam, losing jobs etc… those things will not be your downfall – it’s reactions to them which can turn a bad situation in to a terrible situation.

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Keeping your cool and getting on with things is the key to coming out alive and well and being a better person, learning from experience. I don’t how how i’d react for sure until put in certain situations, but if i came across a car accident or seen it happening i don’t think it would really would bother me. It wouldn’t effect my own driving in the slightest. In fact, i have 999 keyed in to my sat nav and ready to go at the press of a button should i ever need it. Same if i fail an exam – immediate reaction is not one of fear or anxiety, it’s to get going again… let me at it!

What happens if i fail all my exams at college? what happens if my PC gets stolen? if my sites get hacked? if i lose everything? if i win everything…

I expect accidents, i expect the worse so that whenever they happen, they are normal to me – no big deal. I try to do that with everything – normalize everything so that when freak or unexpected events become reality, i’m well prepared.

I do a lot of thinking and most of the time i think to myself it’s time wasted, energy wasted but in reality it’s not. If i’m thinking 24/7 it means i’m gaining experience even if i’m not physically doing anything at all. Simply by running through all sorts of wierd and wacky scenarios in my head, i’m actually preparing myself for when/if they ever happen in real life. It’s almost like a training course in ‘x’. What is ‘x’? X is whatever i want it to be.

A death, a car crash, a fire, a stolen car, a gunshot wound, a failure, a victory, a driving test, plane crash, an interview… of course i’m not an expert at all of those things – i don’t know the ‘correct’ procedures for dealing with them, but simply by thinking about them – i’m more prepared than most and perhaps my reactions will be that litle bit sharper.

Anyway, the end result is that of taking everything in your stride… if you’re prepared for any situation, what have you really got to fear? I have two exams tomorrow, a couple of assignments to get done and i’m eager to get cracking on more web development work too.

I don’t feel an ounce of pressure though.. that’s probably a bad thing as i always like to put myself under pressure but i feel i can handle pretty much anything right now without stressing out too much – almost unbreakable. It’s a good frame of mind to be in…

I’m expecting April to be a very busy, very productive month for me as i have two weeks off starting next week plus i have a lot of ideas and plans for websites in the pipeline.

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