taking a hold of things

I’m back in college about 7 weeks now so we’re cruising along nicely in all subjects at this stage. Usually, i’d have next week off as a ‘study’ week but things are different this year – no breaks. Anyway, i’ve noticed lecturers slipping in exam dates and project deadline dates over the past week or so which means i have a lot of stuff to worry about.

yes, I took this home.
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Longer term, i have a test on Nov 4th & two big projects due on Nov 17th and Nov 23rd. I have 3 more assignments / bits of work to get done over the next week and no doubt there’ll be more on the way.

So now is probably the time to tackle them all head on and clear any backlog of work there is. Over the next week or so i’ll make a big effort to get stuck in to work and complete as much as possible.

My pre-ordered version of Windows 7 was shipped out today so i should have it on Friday which means i’ll be turning over a new leaf this weekend and completely revamping the way i work – online and offline. At the heart of it all will be strict organisation – i’ll even be scheduling blogging in to my daily routine for the first time ever…

Up until now i’ve just blogged whenever i’ve gotten a bit of free time – usually late at night once i’ve gotten important college work / online work out of the way. That will all change from next week in a bid to maximize my productivity.

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