taking a break

I’m giving myself the rest of the week off college :mrgreen:

It’s RAG week this week which means numbers are reduced and lectures are reduced to all out mayhem and this;


Well i say ‘reduced’, but this sort of stuff is great team building and bonding excercise plus it gets creative ideas flowing so it’s probably more valuable than a lecture for most people :mrgreen:

There was also a world record attempt today to break the ‘Amount of hugs given to a person in one hour’. The current record stands at ~670 or something and last i heard we were at around 500 so i’m not sure if the college broke it.

Anyway, my girlfriend has tomorrow off, having booked it accidentally thinking it was valentines day. I had told her i was off this week, which i thought i was – but in fact, it turned out i had classes.

So utter confusion seen as my gf is off tomorrow, i’ll be spending the day with her. No point in going to college Thursday or Friday as nobody will be in a fit state to attend 😆

I’ve decided to put back my ebook launch date until tomorrow evening quite simply because i’ll not be at a PC tonight or tomorrow and i don’t want loads of posts and requests building up with no replies as that looks bad on my part.

So that’s what’s happening anyway… 😎

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