Samsung CLP-315W Colour Laser Printer Review

colour laser printer

I don’t work for samsung, but i am start to built up quite a collection of samsung branded toys… 2 x samsung 20″ monitors, a 32″ samsung LCD TV, samsung nc10 netbook and now a samsung colour laser printer. The thing is, i don’t favour one brand over another.. i don’t deliberately go out to buy samsung, i just end up with their stuff because they usually work out as best value for money.

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ordered a wireless colour laser printer

laser printer fight

After way too much thought, i finally decided to go with the Samsung CLP-315W colour laser printer. Why did i pick it above the rest? Well, it was a close battle between it and the Dell 1320CN. In reviews and on paper, the Dell edges it ever so slightly, however i ended up buying the Samsung mainly because of price…

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wireless network between two PC’s

I’ve had a go once or twice at connecting two PC’s together wirelessly. It always ended in frustration. Up until now however i’ve never really used two PC’s side by side, day in day out. So i’ve never really needed a wireless network. I used my old laptop for about 3 and a half years … Read morewireless network between two PC’s