file sharing between Windows and Mac

windows mac

What do you do when you want to transfer files between your PC and your Mac? The answer is probably “usb stick” or “i don’t have Mac / PC, so this doesn’t apply to me”. Well if you want to know how to do it over your existing wireless network, here’s how…

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fixing problems – day 2

Yesterday i was talking about fixing problems and as luck would have it, more started appearing today… Firstly, i tried upgrading this blog to wordpress 2.9. Didn’t go well. Eventually (by process of elimination) i found out it’s a plugin causing the problem. I have about 30 plugins running here, so i now have to … Read morefixing problems – day 2

windows 7 arrived today

My pre-ordered windows 7 arrived today from I was pleasantly surprised… I installed the 64 bit version on my new hard drive and i’m slowly adding programs and applications. First impressions are good. I can say with confidence i’ll be switching over fully to windows 7 and 64 bit over the next few days. … Read morewindows 7 arrived today