11 sites to help you book hotels

need a hotel

Booking a hotel online might sound easy, but it’s not. If you have a budget (which most people do) you want to get the best hotel possible for that budget. Central location. Great reviews. Free breakfast or dinner. Free parking… or maybe you just want a cheap room and that’s it, no extras. In any case, you won’t or at least shouldn’t just go to hotels.com, key in your dates and book a hotel that takes your fancy… no. It can take time, patience and a lot of research…

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websites you hate but need

love hate relationship

There are certain websites that drive me bonkers. Poor design, poor usability, not updated since forever, only campatible with IE6, flash only… you all have your own pet hates. That said, i *need* some of these same websites that i hate or i *have* to use them. The content and services they offer are useful or perhaps essential, but visiting the site is not a good experience… you don’t *want* to go to the site. It actually becomes hassle and a chore going to the site (for me anyway).

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