fixing problems – day 2

Yesterday i was talking about fixing problems and as luck would have it, more started appearing today… Firstly, i tried upgrading this blog to wordpress 2.9. Didn’t go well. Eventually (by process of elimination) i found out it’s a plugin causing the problem. I have about 30 plugins running here, so i now have to … Read morefixing problems – day 2

Defragging Speeds up your PC

Defragging your hard drive is a good thing. The problem with windows in built defragging system is that it’s slow and ugly. photo credit: dalechumbley I said yesterday i could get vista to boot in 60 seconds. After i transferred all my music, pictures and programs back to my hard drive from an external drive, … Read moreDefragging Speeds up your PC

vista boot to google in 60 seconds

After installing a fresh vista, formatting drives, removing all drivers and re-installing everything from scratch… my PC booted in exactly 60 seconds. Is that an achievement? I’m not sure, i’d be interested to hear how fast your vista boots up, but from what i gather, anything under a minute is rare. XP and 7 are … Read morevista boot to google in 60 seconds