timelapse video of infographic design


After creating my ‘comparison of Irish supermarkets on facebook design‘, it occurred to me that people just see the end product and judge it within seconds. Seeing how people work is always interesting, so i decided to create another infographic and record myself starting out on an intimidating blank canvas…

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Is All Rights Reserved Short-sighted?

all rights reserved

The other day i was watching this insane video of Jeb Corliss (wingsuit flying pro). It was 3 and a half minutes long and during the video i found myself impressed by (a) the content itself – a dude jumping off a cliff, and gliding over mountaineous terrain at crazy speed, only a few feet from the ground (b) the music…

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Cheezburger can has my video?

you lookin' at me?

Today, my penguin video has been featured on icanhascheezburger.com, one of the biggest sites around (Daily traffic in the millions of visitors according to wikipedia). They approached me a few days ago looking to buy the video and after some thought, i agreed (it’s not as if i’m going to use it again myself for commercial purposes!)…

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DIY dashboard camera

speed camera

These days i’m driving just as much as i ever did whilst i was in college (about 40 miles away). The chances are i’ll end up working somewhere that far away if not further so i think it makes sense to get in to the habit of recording what’s in front of me. I’ve stumbled upon several accidents over the years although never witnessed any unfold before my eyes… i have witnessed plenty of stupid stuff though and i’m confident i’ll witness more….

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