11 sites to help you book hotels

need a hotel

Booking a hotel online might sound easy, but it’s not. If you have a budget (which most people do) you want to get the best hotel possible for that budget. Central location. Great reviews. Free breakfast or dinner. Free parking… or maybe you just want a cheap room and that’s it, no extras. In any case, you won’t or at least shouldn’t just go to hotels.com, key in your dates and book a hotel that takes your fancy… no. It can take time, patience and a lot of research…

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air travel needs to be less stressful

I’ve spoken about it before, just last month in fact, but this news article on rte.ie caught my eye… photo credit: abdallahh Almost 90 passengers missed their flights at Dublin airport this morning as a result of delays at airport security. Aer Lingus said 35 of its passengers did not make their flights, while 50 … Read moreair travel needs to be less stressful