the art of simplifying things

Simplifying things is always risky, but it has to be done. Lets take a presentation. Despite the fact everyone knows how they’re ‘supposed to’ present, they’ll still go ahead and fill slides with lines and lines of text. photo credit: mag3737 Sentences. Paragraphs. Diagrams with so much text on them the font has to be … Read morethe art of simplifying things get’s pimped out

Yesterday i spent a bit of time working on It was actually the first site i ever built back in July 2006… Initially i just used dreamweaver and static html… i then switched to joomla and made it in to more of a community site and these days it’s running on wordpress as a … Read get’s pimped out stats for 2008

Want to know how much interest there is in the leaving cert online? Well, i’m probably one of few people who can tell you. For those of you that don’t know, i own – the first website i ever created back in August 2006. The Leaving Cert is an official state exam, completing second … Read stats for 2008