i’m getting mobile broadband

There have been one or two occasions this summer that i’ve found myself needing broadband (well, internet access). On buses is one example. In airports another… Now i’ve spent about a total of 8 hours on buses this summer and probably 2 or 3 in Dublin Airport so that’s nothing really… but it’s still a … Read morei’m getting mobile broadband

is a college degree worth it?

This article appeared on the frontpage of digg today; Don’t get that college degree! It’s an interesting read and i’ve asked myself this question time and time again… As I write this, Google is putting every book ever written online. Apple is offering video college lectures for free download through its iTunes software. Skype allows … Read moreis a college degree worth it?

student innovation at it’s finest

I’ve hit out at my college once already and that’s because things just aren’t right. Rather than just submit my opinion and my thoughts on things to whoever it is that manages all of this stuff, i’m gathering evidence and hard facts, then i’ll submit it all and continue to blog and gather evidence until … Read morestudent innovation at it’s finest

College – Half Way Point

When i go back to college tomorrow, i’ll be starting semester 2 and won’t be ending it until mid-May. So i’m half way through the college year. But not only that, i’m half way through my 3 year degree. The time has flown past. The results of my Christmas exams will be out on wednesday … Read moreCollege – Half Way Point