A morning without an email

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The first thing i do every morning is roll over to my left hand side, switch off the alarm on my iPhone with the top button (without opening my eyes) and then go back to sleep. I do this about 10 times within 20 minutes until it gets to the stage where i’m awake and waiting for the next alarm to go off. At that stage i know i’m 100% alert and ready to go. Up until that point, i live in hope that i’ve accidentally set my alarm to go off early. That could happen once, unlikely to happen 10 times…

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Domain Renewal Group Spam


At one stage i had over 70 domains names registered. These days i’ve cut back a good bit and it’s down to about 20 but ever since i first registered domains, i’ve been getting these spammy letters from Domain Renewal Group. I know i’m not alone in getting these spam letters but i thought their stupidity was worth at least one blog post…

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