the rise and fall of social networks

In february 2008, i posted this article about how i felt bebo was in decline despite growing rapidly and posting record stats at the time.

Quoting myself, “No doubt revenue is up and traffic is flying, but it’s short term gain for long term sacrafice. They are driving people like me away from bebo.” Looking back, i called it right. At the time i didn’t even mention myspace because in my eyes it had no future.

Look at the search trends below (using google insights) for bebo from from 2004 – present. Look at when they peaked… August 2008 (6 months after i published that ‘bebo has gone to hell’ post).

bebo insights

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more females than males on social networks

Pingdom published an article last week on males -v- females in social networks. photo credit: According to their research, 16 of 19 sites they looked at had more female users than male users. 57% of facebook users are female and 59% of twitter users are female. The stats surprised me at first but when … Read moremore females than males on social networks