the end is nigh (for facebook anyway)


There was a time in the early 2000’s where spam was becoming a threat to email… you had to filter through lots of spam to get to genuine emails… the time spent filtering was greater than the time spent reading & responding to genuine emails. Gmail came along and used technology to solve the problem, rescuing email and restoring it’s value… the problem with Facebook today is that it’s headed down the same path…

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Is there room for Google+?

google plus

Yesterday, Google revealed their new social network. ‘Plus’ or is it ‘+’, i’m not quite sure and that’s one black mark against it, the name. It doesn’t make any sense. ‘+1’ i get… that’s essentially Google’s ‘like’ button… but ‘plus’ or ‘+’ as a social network? I don’t get it…

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10 open source clones

Were it not for wordpress, this blog probably wouldn’t exist. Open source software is free software which can be modified by anyone. No licenses, no fees. It allows people to try, test and generally ‘mess’ about with software. The end result is a community who end up adding bits and pieces on to the software … Read more10 open source clones

productive time wasting

Image via CrunchBase Even if i’m not doing something, i’ll be thinking about doing something. It is literally impossible for me to switch off and focus on nothing. I just can’t do it. I do spend a lot of time doing nothing though. Whether it’s free classes or laziness, i can waste time just as … Read moreproductive time wasting