will patience pay off for Google+?

Google+ is now over two years old. They can spin the numbers whatever way they like but the reality is it has so far failed to make a dent in the social space – that’s my opinion. But it’s changing slowly… getting people signed up wasn’t really an achievement – it was inevitable Google would get hundreds of millions of people signed up… all they had to do was push Google+ out and merge it with all your other Google stuff. That’s exactly what Google have done and are doing these days in an increasingly aggressive manner…

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Social Networking is Broken

social networking

I never thought i’d say it but i’m getting a little bored of social media. Average content gets¬†over-shared, automated ‘content’ gets shared whether we like it or not and businesses are becoming predictable in their marketing efforts online… It’s a real problem for the internet as a whole. It’s losing its value as a ‘community’.

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