How to get to the top of Google

One of the top questions I’m asked when working with any client is “How can I get to the top of Google?” or something along those lines. It’s a question I usually answer by saying “You need to produce lots of high quality, relevant content and your site needs to contain more content than competitors” … Read moreHow to get to the top of Google

How to set up CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL on WordPress

In August, Google announced they were going to start using https as a ranking signal for various reasons. At present, most developers and SEO people (deliberately refraining from using the word ‘expert’ because it’s thrown around far too much in the SEO world) agree switching a site from http to https has no real impact however Google did say they “may decide to strengthen” the signal in the future. In other words, in an ideal world, Google want all sites using https but for various reasons (including big financial ones) they can’t start hammering non-https sites overnight.

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What is SEO in 2013?

We have a problem. Everyone knows about the value of search and everyone wants to be ‘top’ for popular search terms. SEO companies and individuals will offer you services claiming to help you so i’ll tell you what SEO is in 2013 because i feel someone needs to talk some sense on it. SEO is two things: (1) good development (2) great content. Nothing else matters…

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Do i get extra marks for SEO in my dissertation?

social crm

As i said yesterday, i’d love to write like i do on here all the time. I’m comfortable writing like this and comments act as feedback, so if i say something stupid, it’s usually not let slide. This evening i was thinking a lot about my dissertation, as i have been all weekend. The next step for me is to contact businesses or individuals who i know are in some way using social CRM…

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